About Jack

Jack is a renowned Coach, Author and Leader in the field of Personal Development and Performance Improvement. The success and long-term effectiveness of his approach is unquestionable, given that over half a million global participants have attended his programmes, and hundreds of companies have engaged with him for over 25 years. He has pioneered whole brain thinking in business while his ground-breaking tools and techniques have been applied at all levels within organisations and across all sectors to achieve extraordinary results.

Mindstore Online

Powerful MindStore Personal Development and Mindfulness programs online or via our app on tablet and smartphone

A New Direction

Our 7th Sense Program works with your critical teams over 12 months including four quarterly two and a half-day workshops (virtual if necessary) and online support and coaching developing whole brain strategies leading to a substantial uplift in results. Our clients apply our proprietary performance platform with its tools, techniques and app to solve business challenges and/or to maximise opportunities (for example; develop their leadership, improve sales, focus on employee growth, customer engagement or innovation, research and development).

Public Courses

Jack currently has no plans to present live public courses as he has found a new passion for the work he is now delivering via BlackHolme. The material he and Phil are providing within the corporate world will also be available for the public in due course. 

Building up a digital library of all the courses he has delivered over the years is also a priority, and he will be filming throughout this year. If you are already on our mailing list, you will be one of the first to know when these new digital products become available.

If you aren’t on our list and would like to be:


Conference Speaking

Jack has presented at thousands of conferences and business meetings all round the world, motivating teams and people to make profound and lasting change and with remarkable results. He has guided audiences of as few as 10 to as many as 10,000 with his unique MindStore process, entertaining and inspiring them to use the tools provided to achieve transformative personal and business success.

Jack is an internationally recognised speaker with experience across a vast array of sectors. Those he has empowered include leading entrepreneurs, business leaders, corporate executives, senior teams, sales and marketing professionals, production and entire organisations, as well as individuals keen to explore their own personal development.

If you are interested in Jack speaking at your event please get in touch at info@mindstore.com.


If you are looking for a different type of coach, then consider a truly unique and outstanding experience. It demands that you spend a day with Jack walking in and around a location that’s special for you, an encounter that will ultimately impact both you and Jack for the rest of your lives.

Clients tend to be business leaders, entrepreneurs and senior executives who are usually facing choices about their immediate futures. You will leave with clarity of purpose, specific tools and ongoing support.

Alternatively spend 2 to 3 hours with Jack one on one via Skype Video, working through his unique and powerful coaching process. Available to all and at a personalised fee best suited to each participant.

If you are interested in being coached by Jack, please get in touch at info@mindstore.com.

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